Koalas are endangered

The koala (combined populations of Queensland, New South Wales and ACT) was listed as endangered in February 2022. Koala populations are now classified Endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation ACT (EPBC ACT) 1999, recognising that the koala is one step further along the pathway to extinction.

500,000 trees by 2025

Right now, without stronger protection and action, east coast koalas are at risk of disappearing altogether. Bangalow Koalas is on a mission to plant 500,000 trees by the end of 2025.

From humble, small-scale beginnings, we are now planting hope on a game-changing scale. Hope for koalas, hope for the planet and, in the face of climate change, hope for the future for all of us.

Our mission

With a mission to create a wildlife corridor across the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, we are connecting vital habitat in strategic locations benefiting koalas and other native species. The aim of this corridor is to allow koalas to live and move around safely, reducing the main threats they face from decades’ worth of habitat loss, from disease to deforestation to dog attacks and fatal vehicle strikes.

We’re making a difference

Our hands-on community-based response to the climate crisis is already working. Here at Bangalow Koalas, we have planted 370,609 trees in six shires across the Northern Rivers since 2019. These plantings have connected individuals, families, farmers, communities and Indigenous and Landcare groups in a collaborative effort to give us all hope. To prove, especially to our children, that making a difference is not just possible, it’s happening now.

There is plenty more work to be done. We have another 129,391 trees of hope to get in the ground by 2025. We need your support!

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